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We provide emergency and survival resources for those who are living outdoors or in structures not suitable for living. Through outreach to these individuals and families, the predicament of homelessness is not simply the reality of living outdoors without shelter. The predicament of homelessness is a disconnection from support, and an untethering from relationships that provide a secure and meaningful life. It is a physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual predicament that negatively affects outcomes across that spectrum and produces debilitating suffering and trauma. As such, SLC provides emergency and survival resources to include food, water, seasonally appropriate clothing, and gear to protect them from the elements. But SLC also provides an intentional and tangible accompaniment in order to restore dignity, respect and place in society to those whom homelessness has excluded and marginalized. We establish and maintain relationships of trust with those we serve across which people feel safe to travel to connect with other helpful resources with which they can lift themselves out of homelessness. We have done this work for more than 20 years.

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